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Discover the fun way to bring the Bible to life with Acro Bees Bible Time!

Our activities are designed to help families engage and bond with their children and the church.

Come join the buzzing fun!

Who are we?

Jemma trained as a dance teacher 27 years ago and ran a busy dance school for 22 years.

During lock-down Jemma created Acro Bees - an activity program for pre school children using story, acrobatics and yoga.

Jemma saw a need for children of pre school age - her son included to have an activity that was not only physical but allowed children to learn, socialise and spend time with their care giver.

In 2022 Jemma returned to faith and the church and started creating bible stories using her Acro Bees Business to teach to members of her church playgroup and congregation.

Jemma is passionate about teaching children all about the world, Jesus, God and the bible in a way that engages children and adults alike whilst still passing on her love of dance, acrobatics and movement.

Now Jemma has passed on the dance school to her daughter her passion is to grow Acro Bees so that children and adults all over the world can experience the joy of being a part of the most amazing stories ever told!

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Website pictures 8.png
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How we can help you!

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Here at Acro Bees Bible Time we offer specialist training designed to help churches get the most out of their children's activities.


Our half day training course will show you how to put together and run an Acro Bees Bible Time session, teach you the moves and how to incorporate Acro Bees Bible Time into your other youth groups.


We also provide all the materials you need to get started, including six stories, soft bee toys, certificates, colouring sheets and stickers.


Plus, we can help with social media and Reels if you need it

Benefits of
Acro Bees Bible Time

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A unique selling point for your church youth activities

Acro The Bee Character-01_edited.png

Engage families and help them bond with their children and the church

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Acro The Bee Character-01_edited.png

Bring the bible to life and share the love of God with everyone.

Acro Bees Bible Time is fully adaptable to your needs.

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Helps build young disciples

So why choose us?

Acro Bees Bible Time is an engaging and educational children's activity.

It is designed to provide a fun and interactive way for children to explore Bible stories and build a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Featuring colourful illustrations and a variety of activities, this Bible-centered resource is sure to be a hit with children of all ages.

With Acro Bees Bible Time, children can explore the Bible stories they know and love in a new and exciting way and keeps them engaged and entertained throughout each session.

Check out our youtube channel to see some of our stories!

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